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I’m definitely a woman from the no-fuss, wake-up-and-go camp of hair and beauty and this is more out of laziness rather than not having to do much to look presentable. Sometimes I know I should make more effort – especially being in the industry that I’m in – but as my Tall Teen would say ‘C.B.A’. For those of you who don’t understand, that’s Teen Talk for Cant Be Arsed.

Apart from a sprinkling of highlights when I can get around to having them – and I thank the Hair Trend Gods that roots are having a moment – it’s rare that I style my hair in any particular way. Mostly it’s left to dry naturally – loose and wavy – and if it looks particularly crispy at the ends or limp and lifeless, I scrape it up in a messy bun. I’m grateful that I’m freelance and work from home so nobody has to be subjected to my scruff-bag tendencies. Besides, my dog loves me just the way I am 🙂


Since reaching my mid-forties though, my hair has got thinner, which – along with middle age spread, dry, crepey skin and hot flushes – is another effect of the wonderful fluctuating hormones us middle-agers have to deal with. I’m not being negative here by the way – yes, we do have some health and beauty hurdles to handle as we age but, there is a lot we can do nowadays to keep looking and feeling great whatever our age (and I’ve got a lot of wonderful, helpful posts coming this way over the next few weeks – keep your eyes peeled!). So, when I was introduced to Reseed Haircare which has been developed to help thinning and hairloss, I was eager to try it out.


I didn’t have a good look at the ingredients when I first tried the shampoo but I knew as soon as it lathered up that it contained sulfates. Often sulfates are used to give shampoos a good, creamy, frothy lather, which users seem to like, but in reality, although it may feel nice, it’s not an ingredient that’s given applause by many dermatologists. I’ve done some research and sulfates can be a cause of problems such as breakouts, eczema and allergies, so if you’re prone to any of these skin problems, it might not be the right product for you. But, possible negatives aside, the range is dermatologically tested and is a ‘green bio-technology’ system that has been through 15 years of clinical trials with impressive feedback (which you can read on their website linked below). The Ginko and Sabal Fortifying Shampoo which I tried contained a whole host of hair strengthening vitamins and minerals to stimulate follicles and promote hair health and I also really liked the clean and fresh fragrance.

The Conditioner (not pictured because my girls went through it at a rate of knots) surprised me because it didn’t feel half as moisturising as my usual brand and I felt I needed more than my usual 10p amount to get a good coverage. But once I’d washed it off and combed my hair through, it felt absolutely fine. And when dry, it wasn’t in need of any extra sleeking or moisturising products.

The Ultra Volume Conditioner contained wheat bran and pomegranate colour protect which obviously did the job because, as you can see in the main picture above, my limp, coloured locks look much more bouncy and full than they had been before I started using the range. And this result is without any faffing or curling.

Reseed is being stocked in various Boots stores from this month and even though prices are quite hefty, starting from £24.99, I’m going to be stocking up on them because they work for me. It also means I can carry on my laissez faire hair methods and look okay while doing so!

There are a lot more products for men and women in the Reseed range and some of them focus much more on hairloss rather than general thinning. You can check out the whole range and the science behind it here on their website.





  1. November 26, 2015 / 7:47 pm

    Hi, liking the sound of Reseed! Especially the conditioner as wheat bran is great in hair and beauty products. Fab that you didn’t have to curl, your natural curls look lovely 🙂
    Heidi x

    • Glowology
      November 26, 2015 / 9:17 pm

      Hi Heidi! Thank you so much for commenting and I agree – wheat bran is a great ingredient. Thanks for the hair compliment 🙂 It is in messy bun mode at the moment 🙂 x

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