These Vionic Shoes Were Made for Walking…And They’re GOLD!

When the sun decided to get its shiny little act together around May this year and flatter us with some much needed rays, my thoughts turned immediately to my feet. Panic stricken at the state of my toenails and in a flummox about where I’d stashed last year’s summery footwear (my dog walking boots had been permanently stuck to my feet since last October), I had a mini melt down. It took copious amounts of coffee and a DIY pedi SOS with the brightest nail polish I could find to calm the situation. Now, all I needed were some decent summery shoes…

As luck would have it, I’d recently received an email from Vionic shoes asking if I would like to pick a pair and review them on Glowology. It’s at times like these that I try to refrain from high-fiving myself for having started my blog in the first place. I mean, ‘would I like to choose any pair of shoes that I like – for free?’ Er….hello?! 

I clicked onto the Vionic website and had a scout through. There were so many that caught my eye! Here are a just a few…

Syra Sneaker in Tan Leopard, £90


Chryssa bootie in tan, £120


Beach Noosa Flip-Flop, £30

It was so difficult to choose one pair among so many wonderful options, but in the end I allowed my magpie ways get the better of me and I went for lovely, glitzy, glam, GOLD! 

I was so excited when they arrived and was delighted that I could show off my first pedi of the year in these wonderful babies. I took them on Stressed Husband’s birthday trip to Amsterdam which was the first run of proper sunny days we had this year and they served me perfectly for sight-seeing around the beautiful canals.

You may be surprised to find out that Vionic shoes aren’t just about ‘pretty’ footwear, they’re actually designed using FMT technology which promotes natural alignment from the ground up. Based on more than 30 years of podiatric medical success and innovative collaboration from renowned experts in biomechanics and foot health means they’re ideal if you are suffering from any problems with your feet, such as plantar fasciitis (heel pain) or, like me, you’re simply seeking stellar support. 

My gorgeous gold sandals went with everything – jeans for day, dressed up for evening and more recently, they were even nabbed by my daughter (oh why do we have to have the same size feet?!) for her sightseeing tour around Barcelona. 

And now, what with our wonderful heatwave, in this warm, summery weather, what could be better than a pair of sandals that offer extreme comfort and support with the added bonus of being stylish while keeping feet cool and cute? Not much, that’s what!

Have a look here at the Vionic shoes website here – you’ll find something you like, I’m sure. I know I’ve got my beady eye on those Beach Noosa Flip-Flops. And I’ve just seen that my lovely gold sandals have now been reduced from £80 to £50! 

Happy weekend everybody!


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