Weekend Wedding Equals All Week Hangover!

Wedding guests
I don’t know about you but if I take part in a celebratory weekend nowadays, it takes me until the middle of the week to recover! And boy, when I tell you that the I’m still getting over the most magnificent wedding I’ve ever been to at Leeds Castle, I’m not exaggerating!

The happy Grooms made the weekend absolutely perfect in every way, the setting was jaw dropping as was every little detail from Friday evening drinks in the castle library where we surprised the grooms, when we dressed as Tudors (Anne Boleyn may have been wearing un-Tudor-y wedges under her gown) and then proceeded to Knight them both…To the falconry, golf, punting, white doves, fireworks, incredible flowers and food and huge monogrammed goodie bags filled to the brim with luxury treats and just-what-we-needed hangover kits!

punting at Leeds Castel

Being guests at the castle was amazing and the love and joy that exuded during the wedding speeches filled my heart (and that of all the guests) with happiness and delight.

Highlight for me, aside from the gorgeous Grooms themselves getting married? It was watching Henry VIII doing the worm on an antique rug by a huge stone fireplace at midnight the night before the wedding. Oh, and realising if you forget your Spanx and just let your belly do it’s own thing, the world will not crumble, nobody will be pointing a finger at your middle age spread and it’s a darn sight easier to nip to the loo after too much champagne! Burn the hold-you-in pants I say, and dance the night away instead!

Back to reality now! Have a great week everyone.


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