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To kick off my new blog series that I’ve called Wellbeing and Beauty Tips from Women Like Us, I’d like to introduce you to my friend and fellow glam girl, Liz Bennett. I chose Liz as she’s one of those lucky women who always looks fabulous whatever the situation. Honestly, I remember when we’d both be in the playground with colicky newborns, toddlers at our ankles and, whereas I’d still be in my maternity dungarees (yep, I went there) and hair scraped back in a ponytail, Liz would be floating around in a boho style creation with her silky black ringlets bobbing healthily around her glowing face. Annoying? I guess so, but I’ll let her off because she’s such a fabulous friend 🙂 So, over to Lovely Liz…

Glowology: I know you won’t mind me telling people your age because nobody believes it anyway…so Liz, you’re coming up 58 this year and I want to know how on earth you look so fabulous. Spill the beans for us mere mortals, please!

Liz: Thank you! I guess having worked for an airline for 35 years and travelling as much as I do, I’ve been conscious of the skin spoiling effects of flying and time changes such as dehydration and tiredness and so I’ve always made an effort to combat this with a really good skincare routine.

Glowology: Do you spend a lot on skincare?

Liz: Like most women, I want to look my best while not breaking the bank and I suppose I’m lucky that I can make the most of duty free. That said, as I’ve got older I don’t mind treating myself to the products that I’ve found work for me because they really do make a different to my skin and wellbeing. I think it’s so important for us hard working women to treat ourselves now and then!

Glowology: Agree totally Liz! Do you have any particular problems with your skin?

Liz: It’s always been pretty dry but since I went through the menopause at 52 it became more combination which threw my routine and so I needed to adjust my skincare to balance it.

Glowology: I have that to look forward to! So, how do you look after your skin?

Liz: I don’t stick with one brand, although years ago I used to feel I had to, but there are so many amazing products out there, so I use a combination of different brands that work for me. I find it’s also good to change it up now and again – it seems to work well for my hair and my skin.

I prefer to wash my face in the morning, especially when I am often getting up at strange times – 3am yesterday! I’ve used Eve Lom Cleanser, £40, on and off for years. It’s a bit pricey but it really gives a deep cleanse, so I find any products I then use work better. It comes with a cloth which is great for stimulating and exfoliating the skin. Another great cleanser I like to use is Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish £15.50, which also comes with a cloth and seems to last forever!

Glowology: Is moisturising a big deal for you?

Liz: Totally! I always use a serum as well as a moisturiser. The one I love at the moment is Sarah Chapman Age Repair Serum, £48.00 – it’s really high potency and has helped with pigmentation (spending years in the sun when younger slathered in baby oil or maybe pushing the boat out with a factor 2 wasn’t the best idea!) and I’m also using the Dynamic Defence Moisturiser, £44, from Sarah Chapman which is beautifully rich and hydrating with an SPF 15.

Glowology: You mentioned pigmentation which is something many of us suffer with as we age due to hormones as well as sun damage, but do you have any other skin concerns?

Liz: I do! With my sleep patterns and olive colouring, I find my eyes are prone to dark circles and so I use a cream by Goldfaden MD called Bright Eyes, £48. It has a very light texture and contains a soy peptide with Vitamin K which is said to help brighten the eye area and it works for me. I wear it in the morning after a night out! In the evening I prefer a richer eye cream such as Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream, £49

Glowology: What advice would you give to readers about skin and ageing?

Liz: Don’t neglect any part of the face and body else it will come back and haunt you! One area I have really had to think about recently is my neck and décolletage area, I have splashed out and invested in Fermitif Renewal Neck Cream, £105. It’s a really luxury product and more than I really wanted to spend! However I have already seen the results my neck area feels and looks so much firmer.

Glowology: Any magical little extras we should know about in your beauty arsenal?

Liz: Well, Clinique Moisture Surge, £34, has been around for years but me and many of my crew swear by it and bulk buy it at duty free! It’s a moisturiser which you can use as a daily product or leave it on parched skin for 20 minutes, like a mask, and it really makes skin silky and fresh looking. I’ve also just discovered Thirstymud from Glamglow, £49.99, which is ideal for extreme hydration. It has a lovely texture and leaves my skin feeling dewy and radiant.

Glowology: What about favourite makeup finds?

Liz: I adore makeup! I have to wear a full face for flying and so I buy loads of lipsticks and have tried all brands from Mac to Gurelain but after 7 to 14hrs on a flight my lips still suffer and end up really dry. I was in Poundland a few weeks ago – I was trying to find ping pong balls for my son, as you do –  when I saw a lipstick in a great red – Radical Red. At £1 I didn’t expect it to be that good. Wrong! It’s the most moisturising lipstick I have bought in years and a great colour as well! I couldn’t believe it.

Glowology: Neither can I!  I’m off to nab a few before they run out! Now. I must ask you – you look amazing, so have you had a little help from the knife or needle?

Liz: I think it might be too late to start at 58? I actually haven’t resorted to Botox or fillers yet, but never say never! Instead I try to do facials. I had a course of 10 CACI facials last year which really helped with lifting around the jaw line. You need to commit to at least one a week which was quite difficult at the time, but I am looking to do something similar soon.

Glowology: Yes, I’ve always loved CACI – it’s one of my favourites too. And I just found out Jennifer Aniston swears by their treatments as well, so that speaks volumes. But I must ask you about your hair! I get serious hair envy around you – it’s so glossy and bouncy. How do you keep it looking great?

Liz: Being so dark and naturally curly it has become more high maintenance as I’ve aged as to keep the grey away, I now have to colour every 4 to 6wks.  I try to maintain it with L’Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color Shampoo, £9.99 and Conditioner, £10.99. I also use the deep conditioning mask which I leave on as long as possible. I find Living Proof Restore Shampoo, £23.45 and Conditioner, £23.45 really helps to ease any frizziness.

Glowology: With such a hectic schedule, do you get time to exercise?

Liz: I never used to be into fitness but once I hit my middle 40s I felt I had to give it a go to keep in shape and to help keep myself healthy, so now I try to go to the gym 2 to 3 times a week when I am not away. I do a combination of classes, so I don’t get bored! I used to suffer with really bad lower back pain, but since doing Pilates for the last 3yrs my back is so much better and my whole core feels stronger. I can now play tennis which I love, it gets me out in the fresh air is a great cardio work out and very sociable. I absolutely love a dance class taken by Jade at Virgin Active in Acton. It’s a fantastic work out with a different routine every week, excellent for the brain and great fun!

Glowology: And last but not least, how about your top tips for feeling as good as you look!

Liz: I  try to drink lot’s of water and get plenty of sleep, which is not always possible in my job! But I try to keep my energy levels up with the foods I eat – I bought a Nutri bullet recently so have been going mad making healthy smoothies. I’m  big into Kale and blueberries right now!

Glowology: And finally Liz, what is your overall take on feeling great and looking fabulous?

Liz: Without a doubt I know I feel better when I look good, but as well as all the products we have available to us, I truly do feel beauty comes from within. When you’re feeling good about things, have a happy family life and great friends around you – it shows in everything you do and especially your skin!

I would like to say a great big thank you to my beautiful friend Liz for kicking off this series for me. I hope you liked it – I would really love to have your feedback and thoughts. I’d also love to feature you or any of your friends who are over 40 and want to take part in sharing your fabulous look good, feel great secrets with us. You don’t have to look like a model or have the budget of a millionaire to take part –  you just have to have something worth sharing and we all have those little fail safe products or skincare saviours, don’t we? Women are nosy by nature (it’s true!) and we all want to know what works for each other and have a rummage in someone else’s makeup bag. So come on…get in touch with me and let’s discover the tips and tricks which work for us real women and not the celebrities for a change – let’s spill those beauty beans! 

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