About Me


loving yourself in red lippie

Hello, I’m Lisa, I’m 53 and a mum to three wonderful kidults and a loveable, slobbery black Lab. Oh, and I’m married to Stressed Husband (he says he’s last – but I say, not least – in the family pecking order.) I’m a former beauty editor for glossy magazines and I’ve written for some of the UK’s top lifestyle titles. Nowadays, work is mostly about ‘creating content’ – meaning, it’s still about the words – but as well as for magazines, I mainly work for clients and brands in the beauty and wellness industry.

****Excitingly, in February 2021 I become a qualified Face Yoga teacher and you can find my story about how I got into this on my Face Yoga Teacher page***

As a midlife, almost-empty-nester (the kidults are like boomerangs!) I created Glowology as a platform to help inspire women who are on a similar journey to me and who need a bit of positivity thrown their way. Times are definitely changing in our favour and it’s not all about putting up with wrinkles (embrace them or find out what improves them!) hot flushes (don’t put up with them!) and age discrimination (no way Jose!)

With Glowology, I am seeking and sharing ways to feel and look wonderful in the skin we are in. I’m covering mind and body wellbeing, beauty, aesthetics, fitness, skincare and much much more –  and I’d love you join me on this fun ride from 50 and beyond. Buckle up – it could get bumpy and that pelvic floor might not be what it once was!

Let’s embrace midlife. Ladies, it’s our time to shine!