Face Yoga Lessons with Me – Coming Soon!

Face Yoga

Face Yoga with me – coming soon ladies and gents! ✨

Spring seems the perfect time to dip my toe into my new venture and start offering my services as a Face Yoga teacher

When you know, you glow✨

I came up with this tagline because it sums up how I feel about Face Yoga and the benefits – both in my appearance and wellbeing – that it’s given me since I started practising it myself and then, on my journey to becoming qualified to teach it.

I can’t wait to share with you why I started doing Face Yoga, what made me gravitate towards the method that I chose in particular (which is Danielle Collins, Face Yoga Expert) and why I think it’s always going to be a part of my daily routine, regardless of any other aesthetic options I choose to make in the future.

I will also explain exactly what Face Yoga is, why I think you’ll love it too and how you can make a difference to the way you look and feel with the only tools you’ll ever really need – your face and your hands.

I’ll be making some short videos discussing all of the above that I’ll share on Insta/Facebook and my blog – but if there’s anything you’d like to know about Face Yoga and my journey – and how it might help you, let me know (DM, email or comment) and I’m happy to chat with you – as always.

In the meantime, get your sunny vibes on and enjoy this gorgeous spring week! 🌸



  1. March 28, 2021 / 1:10 pm

    Well. I’m going to have to pop over and look into this! xx

    • Glowology
      March 29, 2021 / 11:23 am

      Hi Laurie…thanks for popping over. I’m trying to update info on my blog etc to include the Face Yoga 🙂 I’ve got a few lives coming up soon as well to talk about it, so I will let you know when they are! Hope to see you soon. Take care, xxx

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