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With the weather not being able to make up its mind at the moment, I’m finding it’s having an impact on the makeup that I’m wearing: Am I going for a hint of a tint to liven up my pasty, rainy day face? Or, ah! There’s a little glow on my cheeks from the sun we had yesterday, so I’ll just need something light with an SPF. Chopping and changing my base means I’ve been trying a few new products and have found some really great ones that I thought I’d share with you – just incase you’re looking for some fabalicious face treats!

The main picture shows two little samples of Resultime Multi Corrective CC Creme that were sent to me to try and were actually laying dormant in my Aladdin’s cave makeup drawer for quite a while. Luckily for me (and my blotchy complexion) I came across them hiding under a wad of cotton buds and 5 (yep, 5!) unsharpened eye pencils. Out of the two shades, Golden and Natural, I found Natural was the right one for my mid-tone colouring and would probably work well for most. However, with the last couple of sunny days, I’ve found mixing a little of the Golden with it looks great and gives a little extra sun-kissiness to my skin. On application I was surprised at how thick and creamy the texture was and wondered whether it would be too heavy and greasy, but as soon as it’s applied it smoothes seamlessly onto the skin, covering blemishes and unevenness while making skin feel and look fresh and flawless. I was really impressed with this and am sad that it took me so long to try it! I’ve also had some lovely compliments on how ‘well’ I look while wearing it – so, always a good sign that it’s not just me thinking it works – it obviously does! And with an SPF of 30, it’s ideal for that no makeup look while you’re on holiday. I was lucky enough to be sent the samples for review purposes as its retail price of £35.50 is quite steep – I wouldn’t normally spend that much on a base but I really think I’d make an exception for this. You can buy it here.

swatch of Resultime CC Cream

Golden near the watch, Natural underneath

Another fabulous find is LPG® CC Cream with an SPF 15 which has an anti ageing formula and a super light texture. It looks like a tinted fluid rather than a cream, but once on the skin it covers up blotches and pigmentation  and brightens the complexion no end. The watery consistency felt cooling on application making the pores feel tightened and overall it left my skin silky and looking radiant. I’m afraid I haven’t got a swatch of the actual product, it went missing before I had a chance to photograph it – much like many of my products. So, you can blame my daughters for that! Price wise, this is also an expensive one at £32 but I wouldn’t mention it in my blog if I didn’t think it was worth it, so if you’re tempted to buy it you can call LPG Customer Services on 0800 085 0533 or email

LPG Complete Correction Fluid

What are your favourite skin perfectors? I’d love to know! 

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    • Glowology
      June 9, 2014 / 6:44 pm

      Hi lovely! Thanks for dropping by. Yes they are really lovely. I was surprised at their effectiveness as they really cover yet still look so natural. Worth the money I reckon x

    • June 10, 2014 / 11:21 am

      Hi there, so glad you like the sound of our Multi-Corrective CC Cream! We’d love to hear what you think if you try it 🙂 Roxie x

      • Glowology
        September 17, 2014 / 9:00 am

        Hi Roxie. So sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but your comment went into my spam folder and I’ve only just retrieved it! I have tried it and it’s fab! The darker shade was great for when I had a tan but now I’m mixing it with a lighter shade. It covers well and moisturises. x

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