Doing The Things That ‘Give You Life’ at Midlife and Beyond

So you’re over 50. What now? I think midlife is the perfect time to focus on those things that make you feel fabulous and do more of them…

Over 50 Cosmo Girl

What are some of the things that are ‘giving you life’ this week? I love that phrase – it’s one that my millennial/Gen Z kidults use when they are finding joy in something, like their oat latte or Love Island. The way we have been feeling over the last pandemic-y year, we certainly need to be looking for things that are giving us ‘life’ and that’s why I feel so grateful I’ve come to find teaching Face Yoga because it really makes me happy – I love feeling that I’m helping other women and bringing a little positivity – especially being able to support my midlife and beyond tribe who deserve to get all the glowy confidence they can, what with being slap bang in the middle of the menopause years. Yep, that definitely gives me life!

Another ‘giving me life’ thing which I wrote about on Instagram a while ago is my favourite grey T-shirt (shown above) emblazoned with Cosmopolitan in red. It’s over 30-years-old but it brings back all the wonderful memories I have of being a 20-year-old girl starting out her writing career on the world’s most famous women’s title.

I always think about how lucky I was that I fell into that job by chance – or maybe it was fate?

I could reminisce for days about the wonderful time I had at Cosmopolitan – the characters I met, the clothes and makeup I got to wear, the brilliant women who inspired me and mentored me on my way to becoming a women’s magazine journalist. The whole episode of my time at Cosmo was a huge learning curve and one that certainly taught me to be a strong, independent woman – to live life my way. Have fun, take chances, don’t settle, be clever, ask questions, don’t be afraid to be who you are and never, ever apologise for it…These were the rules of a ‘Cosmo Girl’ and all of us staffers (men included) lived by them.

But as I entered midlife, some of the Cosmo rules that helped buoy me up got lost along the way – I lost my confidence, I was afraid to speak up, too scared to take chances and I really didn’t know who I was or who I’d become. On the outside, you wouldn’t have known it – I was still happy, bubbly Lisa who was always up for a laugh and chat. But inside, I really felt lost.

postive mature woman

I think that many women feel this way when their kids become independent and their work is unsatisfying or they’re at a cross-roads. Then, as I entered my 50’s and unexpected menopause symptoms were thrown into the mix (hello brain fog and anxiety), I honestly thought that, perhaps that was it now. I’ve had the best bit and now It’s time to slink into the background and accept I’m getting older and life isn’t going to be as fun and fulfilling as it once was. I thought, perhaps my time has been and gone and I should settle for an easy, slightly boring life with some highlights thrown in here and there to keep me afloat.

And then I gave myself a short, sharp slap.

Starting Glowology a few years back and talking to friends in real life and online, I realised that there are lots of women like me who felt like all the good times were behind them but really, they’re not. That is a stupid story that we tell ourselves and it IS JUST NOT TRUE! I can see and feel an uprising in middle aged women who are passionate and strong, who ask questions and get help for what they are going through – divorce, menopause, mental health issues – it might get tough, but no matter how wobbly they feel inside, they know they deserve more out of life.

Michelle Obama Quote

And believe me, the worse thing you could ever do is worry about what others think about you – it will kill your dreams and the life you want to lead if you allow your mind to wander down that road. It’s so important to keep remembering, you’re not living anyone else’s life – it’s yours and it’s up to you what you make of it.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop this somewhat nostalgic and, hopefully, thought-provoking post here as I’ve been itching to write again lately. It’s something I’ve let go of while concentrating on other things, but writing is such a passion of mine and I’m eager to get it going again. So, just a final word from me today: If you have an interest in something – please know that you’re not too old to have a go at it or to learn something brand new (our brain doesn’t stop learning new things when we get to a certain age, you know, even if menopause might trick you into thinking it does.) You are not too old to wear that sparkly catsuit if it makes you feel good or to climb Kilimanjaro if that’s your dream. 

Remember it’s YOUR life. Go live it. 

And if you want to book in a Face Yoga session with me to find out more about getting your glow on and learn some natural face-firming, wrinkle-smoothing moves, contact me on Instagram or Facebook or email and let’s talk! 

When you know – you glow!





  1. August 10, 2021 / 10:56 am

    I really needed to read this today. Even sometimes when you’re on that road to a new adventure in mid life you can start to have doubts. Thinking it’s silly to pursue this new thing you’re feeling hugely excited about, you’re too old to start afresh. Of course that’s not true. But sometimes you need to hear that from someone else to really believe it. Thanks Lisa. Xx

    • Glowology
      August 10, 2021 / 1:00 pm

      I’m so glad that this has helped you today. You are doing some great new and inspiring things so don’t forget that! Isn’t it funny how we listen to someone else and not ourselves? Big hugs xx

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