And Breathe…A Few Days Away

imageI’m off! It’s only for a few days but it’s going to be a great few days ๐Ÿ˜€


I’m taking a break with Stressed Husband, Little Teen and two of her pals to Spain. What will I be doing?

Sleeping under the shade of the beach umbrella, drinking cocktails, eating the fresh delicacies of Spain (plus plenty of ย icecream!).



I’ll be catching up with Stressed Husband and laughing at the antics of my ever growing, hilarious youngest teen.


I’ll be planning, chilling and dreaming of what is in store for the future.


And most of all I’ll be grateful for having this breathing space in a beautiful environment and reminding myself how lucky I am.

See you soon!

Don’t Worry…Be Happy!

me thinking

bloody awful cover

Recently, I’ve been fretting about all sorts of things…my wrinkly chest, trying to get more work, the disorganised, ancient clothes in my wardrobe, our building site for a house, my teen who dyes her hair a different colour each week (or every other day!), my wobbly belly, keeping up with the Jones’s… In other words, what it really boils down to is…. Continue reading