A Valentine to Stressed Husband

13 Feb


Even though you’re stressed and tired,

Your body is aching and sad,

Even though the refurb’s a nightmare,

And our dog is going mad,

Even though the kids and me miss you,

And we want to be at home,

Even though it’s tough to be apart,

With both of us feeling alone,


Remember it won’t be forever my love,

This nightmare will soon be gone,

We won’t forget how hard you’ve worked

Fixing everything that’s gone wrong!

This doesn’t mean I’m forgiving you though,

This project was your stupid idea,

So get the building finished quick

Or you’ll get more than a flea in your ear!


Oh, I forgot to buy you a Valentine’s Card but it’s fizzy Friday


So buy me a bottle and a bite to eat,

And forgive you my darling, I might! :-)


Happy Valentine’s Day from your exasperated but very loving wife, Lisa xx

5 Fast Ways to Feel Good NOW

9 Feb

 feeling good

I planned this post for a Monday, as we all know that Monday is the day we are most likely to feel a bit under the weather. In my case, with the house refurb from hell, living away from the family home with the kids while Stressed Husband is still there and trying to lead a ‘normal’ life, keeping the house, kids, husband – and dog! – happy, I sometimes feel I let myself and my feelings take a backseat. Bet you do too sometimes? Here are a few tricks I use when I need to lift my mood and feel a bit more ‘together’…

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Long Hair in Your 40s – Yes You Can!

5 Feb
Long hair but good lighting!

Long hair but good lighting!

Yesterday, fabulous over 40s fashion blogger, Catherine Summers, at Not Dressed As Lamb asked the question in a feature she wrote for Good Housekeeping online: Can You Wear Leather Trousers Over 40, 50, 60…? The resounding reply from her readers was YES, WE CAN! I got involved with the debate on Twitter and threw in my tuppence worth which is, I wouldn’t wear them because I never have, they don’t suit my shape (I think) but I believe my gorgeous mum, who is in her 70s, could still wear them and look amazing. And today in the Daily Mail, there was another myth exposed as writer, Virginia Ironside grew her usual short locks long and proved that, even in her 70s, long hair can look wonderful! I tell you what, let’s just rip up the beauty and style rule book for over 40s and rebel…we can do, wear and be what the hell we please…with cherries on top!

Helen Hunt long hair

Julianne Moore long hair

Heidi Klum

Julia Roberts long hair

Daphne Selfe model

All of these celebrities above look gorgeous and I’m not saying we shouldn’t be careful of entering the mutton zone, just that we should be confident enough to wear whatever makes us happy and feel good, whatever our age. What do you think?



Unless stated all images via Pinterest

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French Skincare Favourite: Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

3 Feb


I like to give a new skincare product a whirl for a few weeks to see whether it’s a keeper and one that would have me going back to buy it again when I run out. So, after a fortnight of testing, here is my latest beauty must have that will be missing the bin and going in my cosmetics dream team drawer… Continue reading

Friday’s Fashion Love | Jumpsuits

30 Jan


There have been many articles written recently about the versatility of jumpsuits and I am – wait for it – jumping (hehe) on the bandwagon with this little post dedicated to this fabulous piece of clothing… Continue reading

The Number 1 Celebrity Hair Secret Revealed

28 Jan
Cheryl Versini-Fernandez L'Oreal Elnett

Cheryl Versini-Fernandez L’Oreal Elnett

Our hair is meant to be our crowning glory, not a messy nest that we spend hours on and shed tears over, and I know that if our hair doesn’t go right, then it affects how we feel. There’s no denying a fabulous salon cut and colour can really help, but lately I’ve been wondering about purchasing some clip in extensions – not for every day, but just for when I want a little more oomph. Continue reading

Sex Dust…It’s a Thing!

26 Jan

sex dust

Readers of Glowology know that my blog focuses on all things that help make us look good and feel fantastic, so I guess that under this remit comes relationships. After all, love is the biggest feel good emotion we have, isn’t it? So, while I’m on the subject of love, I just have to…have to…tell you about this wondrous find called SEX DUST. Favoured by Goop Goddess Gwyneth Paltrow, she of the impossibly glowy skin and even more impossibly perky outlook, I just had to find out more… Continue reading

Skincare That Packs a Punch

14 Jan

skinceuticals resveratrol B

Many products that I kindly get sent for consideration to review on my blog or to possibly include in features I write for magazines, always get a thorough testing. As do the products I buy myself – and, as I’m an advertiser’s dream (aka sucker) there are many, I can tell you. Some work well and I like to let my readers know about them, others can be a bit disappointing, so I don’t mention them as I don’t like to write negative posts. Today’s post is all about a great little skin treat that has sent my brilliant beauty buy alert into overdrive… Continue reading

Kick Start to Fitness

11 Jan


If you’re lacking a little motivation, this post from the past might give you the kick start you need to get fit. Keep going!

Originally posted on Glowology :

women running Image credit: andresr / 123RF Stock Photo

For those women over 40 who haven’t exercised since school – or for those of us who start with good intentions but consign the trainers to the closet after just a couple of trips to the gym – this blog post is for you! I’ve asked my own ‘Mrs Motivator’, Anny Hooker, fitness expert from Personal Best Studios, for her top tips to give us a kick up the flabby derriere and get us exercising regularly…

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Light Therapy at The Sun Meadow K West Hotel and Spa

6 Jan

me with coffeeIf I was to choose a theme tune to my life, it would possibly be the Monty Python Life of Brian’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. Seeing the proverbial glass half full rather than half empty is something I try to do and think I manage it quite well most of the time. But I must admit the dark, cold, gloomy days of winter often test my sunny nature to its limits and that’s why I was more than excited when, just before Christmas, I was kindly invited to test out the S.A.D busting Sun Meadow in the Spa at west London’s K West Hotel…

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